Why Trakopolis ELD?

The World of logistics is constantly evolving. To be successful in today’s competitive market your company needs to be ready for the future.

Trakopolis is committed to staying ahead of your evolving needs with powerful electronic driver log books.

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Trakopolis ELD Overview

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Regions and Rule Sets

From the far reaches of Alaska and Northern Canada to federal, provincial and lower 48 state rules, we have what you need.

Supported rule sets include:
  • Canada: Federal Cycle 1, Cycle 2, Oilfield Exemption and BC Log Haul
  • USA: Federal 60/7, 70/8, Agricultural Exemption, Oilfield, Pipeline
  • Service Regions: Alaska, Canadian North 60, Canada and the lower United States
Trakopolis ELD User Interface

User Interface and Driver Experience

  • Intuitive driver interface
  • Designed to resemble familiar paper logbook
  • Minimal on-site driver training time required
  • Automatically updated over-the-air (OTA)
  • Eliminates duplicating written information
  • Simple as pressing a status button for on and off duty. All calculations are done automatically for the driver
  • No need to turn in logbooks, electronic submission is immediate
  • Android device allows inspection reports/pre & post-trip reporting to be done while walk around is in progress
  • Preset checklist – Easy to use, no paper or ruler required, immediate submission
  • Create custom notes for vehicle inspection reports

Automatic E-Log Audit Report

  • Driver E-Logs are automatically audited daily through the application
  • Set alerts to notify supervisors when discrepancies are found or if a driver is non-compliant
  • Supervisors easily able to edit and apply changes to driver logs in the event a driver forgot to log off or made an error with their driver status

Built in Pre/Post Trip (DVIR)

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting
  • Standard 28 inspection list
  • Customize checklist
  • Customize driver remarks
Trigger maintenance alerts immediately
  • Improve fleet scheduling around maintenance
  • Manage prioritization of fleet maintenance –  critical vs. not critical
Instant submission and reporting wirelessly
ELD - Electronic Logging Devices