Data can drive your business

Trakopolis is the ideal partner for businesses on the move. If you use vehicles to make deliveries in cities, to haul people and supplies over long distances, or if you operate machinery that needs to be transported into remote areas with difficult terrain – you can use Trakopolis to streamline many of your business operations.

Delivering data at fleet scale

Fleet management is more data-centric than ever before. In order to achieve KPIs in financial, sustainability and operational terms, fleet managers need more meaningful data at their fingertips. Trakopolis delivers the data quality you need, as well as the volume.

Journey Management, Routing and Route Optimization

Trakopolis fleet tracking is an all-in-one solution bringing the human element — the drivers — and the capital element — the vehicles — together in real-time reports. Using the power of cloud-based computing and storage, Trakopolis can transform data into intuitive visual dashboards to bring multi-level analytics to life.

The first level is vital — tracking assets against GIS mapping overlays on Google Maps. Where are all your vehicles? What are the best routes? How long are vehicles idling? With Trakopolis-installed Garmin displays in the cab, a dispatch centre can push new routes to drivers, analyzing feedback to create optimized routes for future use. Supervisors can customize geographical overlays to fit with specific business needs, such as remote working on unmarked roads.

Driver Scorecard Feedback

The next level adds data pulled directly from engine control modules (ECMs) via sensors. Monitoring driver habits can prevent unnecessary wear and tear on vehicles by alerting supervisors to excessive cornering, speed violations, braking and acceleration. Companies can save fuel costs, reduce emissions, and avoid fines. Service departments can create accurate needs-based maintenance plans to reduce unnecessary downtime.

Of course, on the HR side, managers can investigate the causes of aggressive driving habits, coach safer behaviour and take other steps to ensure the health and wellbeing of drivers. Driver Score Cards allow managers to track driver performance and improvement over time.

Billing Justification for Fleet Managers

Large-scale fleet management produces vast amounts of potential billing data. Trakopolis simplifies and streamlines information flowing from location-aware devices and sensors on vehicles. The result is a highly accurate, granular report on actual vehicle behaviour. The report layers significant events, such as ignition on and off, on top of core data such as run-time, idle time and geo-fencing powered by GPS location. Fleet managers can customize reports for specific functionality in their industry, such as cycle times in forestry.

Temperature Monitor

Trakopolis installs location-aware devices and sensors to generate real-time data from critical equipment, such as refrigeration or heating units. Data streams from the sensors allow for real-time monitoring, range-based alerts and customized performance reports.

The Trakopolis gateway device can link to four temperature sensors on a refrigerator truck or trailer. Sensors monitor temperature consistency in several zones, alerting supervisors to peaks and troughs. The system helps maintain consistent cargo temperatures, which can be easily authenticated to arbitrate disputes between shippers and receivers.

The Trakopolis temperature monitor reduces losses caused by faulty equipment, minimizes the administration of disputes, and helps fleet managers plan for equipment replacement. All this from the small investment in a tracking device with sensors.

Trakopolis has compliance built into its database, with rule sets for driver hours, fuel taxes and other issues that cover most North American markets.

Trakopolis supports databases covering IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement), and Canadian provincial fuel tax regulations, such as BC’s Distance Tax Report. Fuel usage is calculated virtually over GPS or through a sensor on the Engine Control Module (ECM).

New mandates imposed by the USA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) require electronic log books for commercial transport operators as of December 17, 2017. Trakopolis ELD, powered by KeepTruckin contains pre-loaded rule sets that cover 95% of all the jurisdictions in North America.

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