Rapid Delivery of Driver Data

Trakopolis and the KeepTruckin Electronic Logging Device automates one of the most time-consuming aspects of modern transport safety and compliance: driver log books. Electronic log books are quicker and more accurate, making life easier for drivers and administrators alike. ELD is the law in the U.S. and will soon be in Canada.

The ELD Advantage

ELD is a huge step up from older paperless logging systems like automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRD) and many other ELD systems, providing much more than basic hours of service (HOS) information.

Together, the Trakopolis and KeepTruckin augmented ELD delivers driver safety, fleet management, and extraordinary business intelligence, combined into one cost-effective solution.

When connected to the vehicle’s ECM and Trakopolis’ powerful dashboard, you get improved fleet utilization, driver scorecards, GPS locating, automatic pre-set IFTA calculations, data visualization and reporting, invoice justification, as well as lower HOS audit fees, reduced manual errors or tampering, improved tracking, automatic data entry and more efficient roadside inspections. Benefits extend to safety, productivity, cost reduction, while ensuring privacy.


  • Ensure drivers stay within the recommended HOS
  • Reduce driver fatigue and related incidents
  • Identify which drivers need coaching on safer driving practices
  • Locate driver quickly when help is required
  • Enable timely and proactive maintenance
  • Automatically calculate and share HOS
  • Expedite roadside inspections
  • Get U.S. and Canadian HOS pre-set rules automatically
  • Plan better routing and manage cycle times
  • Optimize fleet utilization
  • Monitor reefer truck temperature to protect contents and simplify inspection
  • Integrate with in-house GIS maps and business systems
  • Obtain advance reporting and analytics with Microsoft Power BI
  • Stop purchasing, transcribing and storing paper logs
  • Reduce HOS audit fees
  • Automate trip calculations for IFTA reporting
  • Gain greater fuel efficiency
  • Reduce non-productive time resulting from driver incidents and vehicle maintenance
  • Justify your invoices and receive quicker payment
  • Ensure automatic HOS data delivery remains internal and private
  • Ensure roadside inspectors see only what is required with driver-selected PINs

Comprehensive North American Coverage

To avoid fines and keep drivers within industry-approved hours of service (HOS), Trakopolis ELD contains pre-loaded rule sets that cover 95% of the most-travelled haulage routes in North America.

Built in Pre/Post Trip (DVIR)

Trakopolis ELD uses mobile technology to carry out pre and post-trip inspections and reporting during the ‘walk round’. The driver has a pre-set 28-point checklist for vehicle inspections, and custom notes can be created. The results are submitted wirelessly so that they are available immediately to company administrators through the Trakopolis cloud-based platform.

Driver e-logs are audited automatically every day using Trakopolis. Supervisors are alerted to discrepancies and non-compliance. In the event of input errors by drivers, supervisors can log in to edit and apply changes.

The interface is intuitive for drivers. If a driver can use a paper logbook, they will quickly understand Electronic Logging Devices (ELD). Just press a button for on and off duty. There is no written information and no physical logbook. All trip calculations are automatic and uploaded wirelessly to base.

Trakopolis and the KeepTruckin ELD helps improve prioritization of maintenance scheduling for critical and non-critical items, leading to less downtime.

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