Building for the future

The Trakopolis approach provides rapid access to the business value trapped in remote data. But more than that, Trakopolis has a highly flexible API that can integrate with existing hardware and software, and is ready to be adapted to future configurations.

Connecting anything to everything

Using the Trakopolis platform allows customers to create their own analytics reports based on the monitoring of key remote data, with highly customized alerts. Trakopolis has already built custom applications for remote cellular and satellite data gateways, and sensor data for location, temperature, tank level, carbon monoxide levels, and water pressure.

Measuring the ROI of bigger and better data

Trakopolis takes Big Data and makes it better. The ROI for tracking devices is transformed by using a cloud-based platform that can manipulate high volumes of data in real time. Customers have immediate access to remote data across a wide range of mission critical events, from remote worker safety to mapping vehicle locations. Trakopolis enables data points to be cross-referenced, compared with historical performance and retained for regulatory compliance.

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