Real-Time visibility on the safety and location of your lone workers

The ConneXt Lone Worker solution allows enhanced worker safety and enterprise-grade productivity in a solution that captures raw information and transforms it into meaningful business intelligence quickly.

No matter how remote their location, stay connected to your lone workers

ConneXt LoneWorker was developed by Trakopolis in partnership with Honeywell for the oil and gas sector to ensure lone workers are no longer completely alone, because someone at another base is keeping track of potential gas levels, the worker’s physiological state and their geographic location.

ConneXt LoneWorker uses Honeywell’s MicroRAE portable gas detectors paired with a vehicle-mounted router with cellular/satellite communication that sends safety managers real-time safety data affecting their personnel working remotely or alone, allowing them to communicate issues, get notice of levels of risk, and make smarter and faster decisions.

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To enhance worker safety, the ConneXt LoneWorker solution sends recurring status messages wirelessly through the assigned vehicle’s gateway device, including up to four active gas levels, TWA levels, STEL alarms, and more than 20 additional sensor outputs. Critical messages are received by Trakopolis within 30 seconds, regardless of cellular coverage. However, with telematics enabled, the gateway device now becomes part of your fleet management system, transmitting data from both the engine and the device itself every minute.

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Outside of cellular coverage?

The gateway device will buffer and prioritize the data, send out critical messages instantly over satellite, and will resume uploading both current and stored data once it comes back into cellular range. With satellite coverage, GPS location messages are sent to Trakopolis every 10 minutes.

The ConneXt LoneWorker solution combines visibility of location, personal detector status, and, if applicable, vehicle telematics over sophisticated, cloud-based software to keep lone workers and administrators connected, while delivering data for real-time risk assessment, but also for later analysis and trending.

The ConneXt Lone Worker solution connects you, so you can:

Continually Monitor for Safety

  • Simply click for real-time gas status and worker location
  • See the gas readings on each lone worker’s detector at any time

Receive Gas Alarm Notification

  • See if a lone worker’s device registers a gas alarm and get automatic email alerts to those who need to know
  • If a worker fails to report an alarm, know before sending other workers

Get Man Down Notification

  • Find out immediately if a worker stops moving whether from a gas exposure, a fall or other safety incident
  • The ConneXt LoneWorker device will first vibrate to engage the worker, then report if there is still no response for a pre-determined time

SOS Alerts

  • Get notice if a worker is in physiological distress, trapped or in need of urgent help
  • Worker-initiated call outs let you plan an immediate and appropriate response

Two-way Text Message

  • Need to advise of a safety hazard? Communicate a change in schedule? Simply click the worker’s location on the Trakopolis dashboard and send a text message to the worker’s detector. The worker can respond with a text back
  • Automate Check-in/Check-out
  • Send automatic text reminders to prompt a workers’ gas detector. They can quickly respond with a preloaded status messages

Real-time gas intelligence to improve safety, compliance and productivity

In addition to improving the safety of your remote workers, ConneXt LoneWorker helps you optimize your operations and automate your safety administration:

See the current and historical gas readings of each lone worker’s detector.

Track low level gas alarms with geo-fences to determine if gas concentrations are changing in a certain location. Trakopolis organizes your lone worker data so you can analyze patterns and make better decisions about safety and operations.

Who’s due for a safety certification or a training course? ConneXt LoneWorker notifies you of upcoming requirements, so you can proactively ensure compliance with safety procedures.

Is a lone worker’s detector bump tested and in compliance? No need to download detector data from the docking station, ConneXt LoneWorker automates data reports to Trakopolis. Verify detectors are calibrated on schedule, when bump tests are due and more.

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