Eyes on your business. Anytime. Anywhere.

Trakopolis installs location-aware devices and sensors to generate real-time data from valuable assets, such as equipment, vehicles and machinery. Asset tracking can help to prevent theft and simplifies the recovery of lost or stolen property.

Bringing high visibility to hidden assets

Equipment tracking is a core advantage of Trakopolis systems for businesses of all sizes. A rental company can monitor the location of dozens of generators, trailers, backhoes or dumpsters, even in the most remote locations. A fast-moving parts delivery service can track its vehicles as they crisscross their sales territory. A long-haul transport company can visualize containers and tractor-trailers as they traverse provinces, states and international borders.

On top of core functionality, Trakopolis builds a suite of powerful dashboards that give insights into business operations. Asset utilization is trackable. Maintenance reports can be automated based on hours or mileage. With full visibility of when vehicles and machinery are switched off and on, invoicing and billing justification are simplified.

Trakopolis simplifies tracking

Trakopolis can cope with multiple sites, thousands of individual assets and a range of legacy hardware and software options.  Our cloud-based platform integrates quickly with existing mobile communications, software applications and location-based services so your equipment is always connected to base. Customer-driven development has enabled us to offer industry specific solutions that are designed for reliable, long-term deployment in the field.

Our Tracking solution is hardware agnostic and easily installed, enabling real-time visibility into condition and status changes that could affect performance. Embedded sensors record everything from location and temperature to movement and tampering, with automatic alerts keeping supervisors up to date.

Data from the sensors is transmitted via the cloud to Trakopolis’ user-friendly platform, where reports can be customized to produce utilization reports that help determine optimal equipment use across sites, and improve decision-making company-wide.

Trakopolis visualizes data with highly intuitive dashboards. Supervisors can see real-time status updates via a centralized cloud-based data hub for multiple sites. As well as simple location status, reports can track hourly runtimes and fault codes to streamline maintenance scheduling and reduce downtime.

Trakopolis software makes asset utilization by site, by customer or by season more accurate so that managers can make better educated capex decisions. Advanced analytics make data-driven decision-making possible every day.

Trakopolis can monitor real-time door and movement sensors to instigate automatic alerts out of normal business hours. Digital sensors can augment conventional security measures at very low cost, leading to enhanced theft prevention.

Automatic geofencing sets a virtual perimeter around your fixed or moveable property. Supervisors are alerted when the perimeter is broken, leading to fewer thefts and better odds of recovery.

Inventory counts and billing justification can be fully automated using Trakopolis, which has a flexible API to integrate with legacy maintenance and ERP systems. Trakopolis also gives remote access to specific fault codes.

Trakopolis installs location-aware devices and sensors to generate real-time data from critical equipment, such as refrigeration or heating units. Data streams from the sensors allow for real-time monitoring, range-based alerts and customized performance reports.

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