When working in the Rental Equipment Industry, a company must make sure that their assets are in top condition and properly maintained in order to stay ahead of the competition. Trakopolis lets you manage assets remotely, monitor engine diagnostics, and ensure preventative maintenance and services are performed on schedule. Trakopolis also offers journey management, so you can efficiently deploy vehicles to the right job.

Trakopolis features for the Rental Equipment Industry:
Journey Management

GPS tracking offers Journey Management so you can deploy vehicles to the right job or location in a timely and efficient matter. If a job finishes early, you will be able to track the position of vehicles and send them to another site immediately.

Billing Justification

Trakopolis creates a record for vehicle run time and every ignition turned on or off. By running a report with this information, you can use it for billing justification when creating invoices.

Asset Tracking

As additional security, CAN Telematics offers asset trackers for powered and non-powered, fixed and movable assets. Asset tracking offers theft prevention and discovery of lost assets.

Asset Utilization

Through Trakopolis, your company can track assets and create unit specific usage reports. This information will allow you to make sure each asset is utilized to its maximum potential.

Hours of Service

Trakopolis has the ability to electronically log hours of service.

Engine Diagnostics

Trakopolis can track hours of operation, kilometers and engine diagnostics. Companies can utilize this information to monitor their assets and schedule maintenance when it is required.


Tracking your assets and monitoring engine diagnostics will give you the correct analytics to schedule and perform maintenance when it is required.

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