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Data can drive your business

Trakopolis is the ideal partner for businesses on the move. If you use vehicles to make deliveries in cities, to haul people and supplies over long distances, or if you operate machinery that needs to be transported into remote areas with difficult terrain – you can use Trakopolis to streamline many of your business operations.

Delivering data at fleet scale

Fleet management is more data-centric than ever before. In order to achieve KPIs in financial, sustainability and operational terms, fleet managers need more meaningful data at their fingertips. Trakopolis delivers the data quality you need, as well as the volume.

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The first level is vital — tracking assets against GIS mapping overlays on Google Maps. Where are all your vehicles? What are the best routes? What are the idle times? Supervisors can customize geographical overlays to fit with specific business needs, such as remote working on unmarked roads.

The next level adds data pulled directly from engine control modules (ECMs) via sensors. Monitoring driver habits can prevent unnecessary wear and tear on vehicles, by alerting supervisors to excessive cornering, speed violations, braking and acceleration. Companies can save fuel costs, reduce emissions, and avoid fines. Service departments can create accurate needs-based maintenance plans to reduce unnecessary downtime.

Of course, on the HR side, managers can investigate the causes of aggressive driving habits, coach safer behaviour and take other steps to ensure the health and wellbeing of drivers. Driver Score Cards allow managers to track driver performance and improvement over time.

The top level of data manipulation is to import all the intelligence gathered into Microsoft’s Power Business Intelligence suite. In this environment, analysts can produce more complex reports, conduct historical analysis and make predictions, leveraging the processing power of cloud-based tools.  

Comprehensive North American Coverage

To avoid fines, and provide drivers with industry-approved hours of service (HOS), Trakopolis ELD contains pre-loaded rule sets that cover 95% of the most-traveled haulage routes in North America.

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Built in Pre/Post Trip (DVIR)

Trakopolis ELD uses Android mobile technology to make life easier for drivers. Pre and post-trip inspections and reporting can happen simultaneously with the ‘walk round.’ The driver has a pre-set 28 point checklist that is uploaded wirelessly. For clients with more specific checklists, custom DVIRs can be created based around our standard software. At the onboarding stage, clients provide Trakopolis with additional items which will be programmed in over time.

Automatic E-Log Audit Report

Driver e-logs are audited automatically every day using Trakopolis. Supervisors are alerted to discrepancies and non-compliance. In the event of input errors by drivers, supervisors can log in to edit and apply changes.

Quick and easy

The interface is intuitive for drivers. If a driver can use a paper logbook, they will quickly understand Electronic Logging Devices (ELD). Just press a button for on and off duty. There is no written information and no physical logbook, so nothing can be lost or falsified. All trip calculations are automatic and uploaded wirelessly to base.

Automatic maintenance alerts

Trakopolis delivers accurate status updates on vehicles, including engine diagnostics. Improved intelligence means better prioritization of maintenance scheduling for critical and non-critical items, leading to less downtime.