A noble purpose inspires sacrifice, stimulates innovation and encourages perseverance.
The culture at Trakopolis IoT Corp is unique. A business mantra is a single phrase that defines the core attitude of corporate philosophy. Ours is “We won’t quit”. The team demonstrates this attitude in all aspects of the company. A pioneering spirit naturally and always leads to emulation and evolution of modern business practises. Our team has a proven track record of doing more with less. Proud of “sticking to our guns”, being ourselves and never afraid to try something new, our success is a steady reminder that we are on the right trak.
In our “About Us” section of our website we share our modern culture by providing transparency into the past, present and future.


Trakopolis IoT Corp was founded by friends Brent Moore and Duncan Ford in 2006. Brent had owned a small oilfield rental company and Duncan was a working as a software developer on a project that used GPS technology. During the launch of Brent’s oilfield rental company, he encountered numerous challenges with logistical management of his assets. After an enthusiastic conversation with Duncan, it seemed that GPS could solve many of these business challenges. Brent and Duncan built in their spare time and in October 2006, after the inception of Trakopolis IoT Corp, they quit their full time jobs.

In November of 2007, Trakopolis IoT Corp won the Canadian Information Productivity Award in Toronto for their upstart of This recognition coincided with a partnership of an asset tracking business in Florida and the team relocated to the Miami area. In the summer of 2008, Brent raised growth capital for the business objectives of the joint operation through his network in Alberta. The excitement of this accomplishment would be short lived due to the 2008 global recession. The partnership was extinguished and the team returned to Canada. In spite of the economy, the team persevered and the first version of Trakopolis became operational. Trakopolis IoT Corp had 2 clients generating initial revenue and with support from TEC Edmonton they raised additional capital to help evolve Trakopolis and gain new customers.


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