Small to medium businesses can leverage big data

Big Data isn’t just for Big Companies. Small to medium-sized companies (SMBs) can take advantage of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to set their businesses up for even greater success. Trakopolis is a scalable telematics solution that allows delivery and haulage companies, contractors, tradespeople and sales forces to track vehicle and equipment data, then visualize the results.

The intuitive Trakopolis dashboard system makes it easier to optimize routes to save time and fuel, allocate drivers to vehicles, and monitor vehicle and equipment status to plan for maintenance or repair.

Sensors and tracking devices transmit data about location, journey speed, driver behaviour, engine diagnostics and more. Trakopolis captures data in real time, processes it and presents easy-to-schedule, customizable reports to help run a more efficient, profitable and safer business.

Small to medium-sized businesses have access to 24/7 live agent support. Feedback from customers is valued, contributing to updates and new features that are tailored to the SMB environment.

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Features for SMB

Journey Management
Trakopolis Journey Management is powered by global positioning system (GPS) tracking devices installed on vehicles. Small business owners can see where their vehicles are in real time. Using integrated Google Maps, routes can be optimized, and drivers reallocated using the Trakopolis mobile app.

Mobile App
Often, business owners find themselves out on the road. The Trakopolis Mobile App (for iOS – in beta – and Android) allows for remote management of assets, vehicles and drivers, with integration into Google Maps. Notifications and alerts can be programmed for key business tasks.

Billing Justification
Trakopolis records the details of all vehicle movements, from when the ignition is turned on until it is turned off. Detailed reports can be used when creating invoices and for any billing justification.

Driver Scorecard
Business owners and managers can’t be everywhere at once, particularly if they are on the road too.  Trakopolis Driver Scorecard grades drivers by tracking excessive speed, hard acceleration or braking, hard cornering, crash detection, and idle time. By managing the driving behaviours of your employees, you can decrease serious incidents and preserve your safety record.

Asset Tracking
Trakopolis sensors can be fitted to powered and non-powered, fixed and moveable assets, such as pick-up trucks, generators, cranes, trailers and storage containers. Asset tracking can deter thieves and make the recovery of lost or stolen assets much faster.

Asset Utilization
By tracking key business assets, such as vehicles and equipment, SMBs can learn their usage patterns to identify underusage, maintenance requirements, and reallocation opportunities. Trakopolis visualizes this information with maps and produces reports that can help you make every decision count.

Hours of Service
Trakopolis ELD logs hours of service electronically. Accurate and timely information allows you to comply with legislation, save time and money, and maintain a safe working environment.

Engine Diagnostics
Trakopolis tracks hours of operation, kilometres travelled and engine diagnostics for powered machinery and vehicles. The software visualizes company-wide information in an intuitive dashboard to help schedule maintenance and identify issues before they become problems.

Tracking assets and monitoring engine diagnostics help to keep up-to-date with maintenance while scheduling workflows.

Smaller business can take advantage of telematics and the Internet of Things while conserving their capital. Trakopolis has made financing available for all of our hardware, on very competitive terms.

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