Deeper data fuels energy solutions

Oil and gas companies are already at the forefront of software-enhanced technologies to extract, process and transport their products. Now, with the Internet of Things (IoT), Trakopolis can help the entire resource sector become leaner, cleaner and safer.

With Trakopolis tracking and mapping, you can analyze your operations in greater depth than ever before.

By linking detailed maps of well sites, rig roads, pipelines and other assets to GPS, Trakopolis can plot the location of vehicles, plant and machinery with extreme accuracy. You can visualize worksites, identify capacity challenges, and move operational assets to improve efficiency. You can reduce energy consumption and cut costs by returning underutilized rentals, retiring redundant machinery and controlling idling time.

For better insight into your operations, Trakopolis software can help uncover trends in gas levels for proactive response. You can also track driving behaviour to provide coaching, reduce accidents and prevent downtime.

Trakopolis is just part of a revolution in the way that data is being applied to industrial processes. The future of the oil and gas industry relies on lean operations. Trakopolis enables data-driven decision-making to remove costs, reduce waste and improve operating margins.


Features for Energy

Journey Management
GPS-enabled Journey Management deploys vehicles to the right location with the right equipment and the right personnel. Accurate mapping of remote sites and facilities makes for better long and short-term planning across vast distances or within an individual field.

GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
Trakopolis has licensed datasets from GDM Pipelines for mapping oil and gas pipelines, wells, facilities, and rig roads. API integration with Google Maps enables your own GIS data to be overlaid, so that you can visualize equipment and personnel in remote locations with cell technology, or ‘off-grid’ using satellite.

Billing Justification
Trakopolis records vehicle operation, from ignition on to ignition off. Billing justification and invoicing is easier with accurate back-up information.

Driver Scorecard
Driver Scorecard grades driver performance both on private leases and on public highways. The Scorecard tracks road speed, excessive acceleration and deceleration, hard cornering, idle time and detects crashes. Managing driving behaviour helps prevent incidents, reduces fuel consumption, and protects people and property.

Asset Tracking
Trakopolis tracks powered and non-powered equipment on well pads, facilities and work sites. Asset tracking prevents theft or loss and makes recovery more likely.

Asset Utilization
With Trakopolis, usage reports can be produced for each item tracked. Productivity can be increased through analysis of uptime data for everything from generators to centrifuges.

Hours of Service
Trakopolis ELD logs hours of service electronically and is fully DOT-compliant. There’s no need to rely on incomplete, inaccurate or missing paperwork from the field.

Engine Diagnostics
Trakopolis records hours of operation, kilometres travelled and engine diagnostics. Energy operations place heavy demand on machinery in remote locations, so automatic and insightful maintenance data are more useful than relying on verbal or written reports.

As well as location tracking, Trakopolis monitors engine diagnostics on vehicles and machinery in real time. Detailed analysis allows for more accurate scheduling of regular maintenance and identifies potential downtime before it occurs.

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