Mining for untapped data

Mining is a capital-intensive business. Large and complex machinery needs to be put to productive use, whether it is owned or rented. Every hour counts. Trakopolis links machinery to production schedules to maximize output, tracking the movement of individual pieces of equipment, in the quarry, in the mine or on the highway.

With Trakopolis tracking and mapping, you can analyze hidden data to recalculate the best use of investments, both fixed and mobile.

By linking detailed maps of mines, quarries, access roads and other assets to GPS, Trakopolis plots the location of light and heavy vehicles, plant and machinery with extreme accuracy. You can visualize mine operations in real time, identify underperforming units, and reallocate resources to improve efficiency.

With health and safety top of mind, Trakopolis software leverages GPS to monitor the status of isolated workers in mines and quarries. You can also monitor the performance of truck drivers, within the mine or on public highways, to reduce accidents and prevent downtime.

Trakopolis is just part of a revolution in the way that data is being applied to industrial processes. The mining industry relies on efficient operations to maintain profits. Trakopolis enables data-driven decision-making to remove costs, reduce waste and improve operating margins.


Features for Mining

Asset Utilization
Trakopolis adds utilization information to location tracking. Each asset, from complex mining technology to a simple mobile generator, reports its status in real time. Trakopolis can even tie in to the engine diagnostics ports of several large heavy equipment manufactures, enabling customized reports according to your preferred parameters, and providing you greater insight into your operations.

Journey Management for Mining
Trakopolis Journey Management tracks light and heavy machinery both inside mines or quarries and outside, on the highway. By integrating detailed maps of your target locations, moveable and stationary assets can be plotted accurately to identify productivity gains and operational risks.

GIS Overlays for Mining
The Trakopolis API works seamlessly with the Google Maps engine so that unique GIS data can be matched with remote assets and personnel on mine sites or in transit. You can use your own proprietary maps or datasets licensed by Trakopolis.

Billing Justification
Trakopolis captures vehicle run-time in detail, right down to ignition on or off. Accurate reports simplify billing justification and invoicing.

Driver Scorecard
Trakopolis Driver Scorecard grades employees who get behind the wheel, whether on a mine site or on the highway. The Scorecard tracks speed, hard acceleration and deceleration, hard cornering, idle time and detects crashes. Managing driving behaviour, especially in high-risk mine terrain, protects the lives of employees and minimizes financial loss.

Asset Tracking
Trakopolis pinpoints all powered and non-powered, fixed and moveable assets on and off site, irrespective of the manufacturer. Asset tracking prevents theft and helps to locate lost assets.

Hours of Service
Trakopolis ELD logs hours of service electronically, helping drivers comply with legislation in most jurisdictions and stay safe. Reports are automatic — no more lost paperwork, or falsified records.

Engine Diagnostics
Trakopolis tracks hours of operation, kilometres covered and engine diagnostics for all vehicles, large and small. Maintenance schedules can be tailored to individual machines.

Scheduled maintenance in the mining industry can impact productivity. With accurate visualization of equipment status, from location to engine diagnostics, sophisticated schedules can be developed to maximize uptime.

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