The bigger the enterprise the bigger the data opportunity

Major companies, including multinational enterprises, generate extraordinary volumes of data about their operations every hour of every day. The challenge of Big Data, and the opportunities presented by the Internet of Things (IoT), is to capture raw information and transform it into meaningful business intelligence quickly, at low cost.

Trakopolis is combining Internet of Things, telematics and a powerful API to create intuitive dashboards that give insight into core business operations such as fleet management, equipment utilization, maintenance and repair scheduling, and employee health and safety.

Trakopolis software is infinitely customizable, making it ideal for complex and unexplored measurement challenges. Trakopolis sensors can already deliver data on temperature, motion, speed, pressure, CO2, smoke, LEL, H2S, and propane and more.

In combination with Microsoft’s Power Business Intelligence (Power BI) tool, Trakopolis can assist in predictive decision-making across many industries, including mining, oil and gas, transport, construction and forestry.

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Making the business case for even bigger data

What used to be thought of as ‘big data’ volume has now been surpassed by many companies. A typical Trakopolis client could now have 30,000 geo-fences and 50,000 GIS data points uploaded onto our system. Within that, 2,800 assets are being tracked, 3,000 alerts are active, and 1,500 workers are trained to use the system. The output is more than 750,000 useful data points daily, made manageable and useful by Trakopolis.

In practice, this quantity of data can be used to redefine business operations company-wide, even where legacy software is still in place. One large enterprise customer is using Trakopolis telematics to profile assets through an existing piece of software. The Trakopolis API is flexible enough to sync new data with older systems, so that driver and fleet vehicles can be matched to create driver performance scorecards. HR is now able to access Trakopolis data via their day-to-day personnel management software.

Another Trakopolis enterprise client is pulling data from 50,000 data points into a customized map overlay. Managers can upload GIS coordinates — each containing 50 fields — into their legacy system, then see it updated in Trakopolis. In time, this process will be fully automated.

Existing software, even though it was not designed for big data manipulation, is no barrier to Trakopolis. Our API can integrate the old and new, bringing big data benefits to legacy software environments within large enterprises.

Features for Large Enterprises

Power Business Intelligence from Microsoft
Power Business Intelligence (Power BI) is Microsoft’s flagship analytics tool, designed to organize big data. Trakopolis taps into Power BI, and the Azure cloud platform, to create customized reports and predictive analysis from very large volumes of data.

Sensor Reporting and Custom Alerts
Trakopolis integrates multiple sensor types to deliver a full picture of a business process. Aside from conventional telematics, such as speed, direction of travel and engine diagnostics such as power surges and switches, Trakopolis can accommodate temperature, pressure, C02, smoke and other data.

Any piece of data can be tagged for an alert, so that events such as speeding, excessive idle time, or geofence transgression can be monitored in real-time. Trakopolis can send alerts via email or text.

Systems Integrations
Enterprise clients can customize the advanced Trakopolis API to create highly specific solutions, reports and alerts. Trakopolis software can be integrated with operational systems from a wide variety of vendors.

Trakopolis App Store
Build your own Trakopolis bolt-on using our open API. The Trakopolis App Store is a marketplace for cloud computing applications that have been developed for the Trakopolis platform. Visit

Private Machine-to-Machine
Machine-to-machine (M2M) describes technologies that allow networked devices to communicate with and control other machines, independent of human control. Trakopolis enables M2M within large enterprises, linking third-party apps, sensors and telematics with our flexible, customizable API.

Web Plug-Ins
Web-based apps that have been developed to service a specific need — using the Trakopolis API — can be registered and sold via the Trakopolis website. Other Trakopolis enterprise clients can browse the site and purchase apps for their own use.

External Third-Party Web and Mobile Apps
Enterprise customers may require specialized software apps to manage internal processes or share data with others. Web and mobile apps can be developed by third-parties, which grant access to Trakopolis data collected from location-aware devices and sensors.

Learning Management and Certificate Compliance
The Trakopolis system can be customized to manage time-based certifications and internal training events without the need for learning management software.

GIS Overlays and Custom Mapping
Trakopolis is fully integrated with the Google Maps engine, the most reliable cloud-based geospatial platform. A fully customized map, with your organization’s GIS information overlaid, brings even greater functionality. Trakopolis can use your maps or you can license maps from us for key industries, such as forestry and oil and gas. Users can visualize remote worksites with stationary and mobile assets in real time, even in the most remote areas.

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