Bringing forestry into focus

Forestry operations face some of the most difficult terrain on the planet. Remote, rugged and unforgiving. Having eyes on your operations in the brush 24/7 might seem impractical, but technology offers a solution.

With Trakopolis, you can protect people, plants and profits without setting foot in the forest.

By linking detailed maps of your leases to GPS, Trakopolis can track vehicles and machinery with extreme accuracy. You can visualize journeys, including stops and starts, to plan more cycle times efficiently — and invoice more accurately. You can track driving behaviour to reduce risks and prevent downtime. Assets — such as trailers, loaders and pickers — are always visible, reducing theft or loss and making maintenance scheduling automatic.

Trakopolis currently works with companies in key forestry regions across North America. The software and specific forestry content we have developed is customizable to every jurisdiction.

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Features for Forestry

Custom Cycle Times
Trakopolis creates customized cycle time reports to manage contractor and internal cycle times. More accuracy in vehicle tracking helps improve cutblock efficiencies and informs worker compensation.

Journey Management
Cycle times are key to the efficient management of cutblocks. GPS tracking combined with detailed forestry maps in Journey Management gets logging trucks and machinery to the right coordinates much faster, through accurate mapping.

GIS Overlays
The Trakopolis API integrates with the Google Maps engine, so unique GIS data of forest leases and trails can be overlaid. You can visualize your own geographical data or use datasets licensed by Trakopolis IoT Corp.

Billing Justification
Trakopolis records vehicle run-time, right down to ignition starts and stops. Highly detailed reports on cycle times can be used for billing justification and invoicing.

Driver Scorecard
Trakopolis Driver Scorecard grades forestry workers on their driving performance. The Scorecard tracks speed, hard acceleration or deceleration, hard cornering, crash incidents, and idle time on access roads deep in back country. By managing risky driving behaviour, you can lower accident rates and improve productivity.

Asset Tracking & Utilization
Through Trakopolis, your company can track powered and manual assets from generators to cranes. Unit-specific usage reports visualize underutilized machinery. Tracking also prevents theft and speeds up the recovery of lost or stolen equipment in remote areas.

Hours of Service
Trakopolis ELD logs hours of service electronically for timely and accurate reporting of driver performance. Hour overages can be avoided, accidents prevented, administration, reporting and roadside inspections simplified.

Engine Diagnostics
Trakopolis tracks hours of operation, kilometres travelled and engine diagnostics. Head office can schedule maintenance for remote assets, tying into accurate maps of your current field operations and manpower resources.

Maintenance for Forestry Equipment
Mobile yarders, chippers, skidders, generators, ATVs and pick-ups — all your equipment can be tagged and tracked with GPS. Trakopolis lets you see so much more by monitoring engine diagnostics and scheduling maintenance.

Distance Tax Report
Trakopolis reduces admin time for forestry contractors by automatically calculating on and off-highway mileage per load between cutblock starting point and mill yard destination. The resulting sum is the total kilometres output required to qualify for BC’s fuel tax rebate.

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