Trakopolis — solutions for business in motion

Trakopolis enables rapid integration of connected assets into day-to-day business operations. Once gateway devices (modules that control on-board sensors) are installed, Trakopolis can track mobile assets, monitor remote stationary assets, and integrate each with our analytical software and your existing in-house systems.

For example, Trakopolis can link detailed analytics of vehicle operations and driver behaviour with an existing dispatch system, adjusting routes, reducing delivery times, improving driving behaviour and controlling fuel costs.

Perhaps you have maps of a mine, forest lease or off-grid wellsite? Trakopolis can integrate those maps to give even higher degrees of accuracy for stationary or moving assets and personnel.

If your business involves moving goods by road across multiple states and provinces, Trakopolis can embed all the relevant mandatory rule sets to automatically generate time-saving reports.

In fact, if you operate in any industry where people and machinery are in motion, or where remote assets need to be maintained, or where regulatory requirements need to be met, or where personnel need to be kept safe — Trakopolis has a solution.

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