Needs Analysis

Our Territory Managers are local and take the time to understand your business. We are here to help educate our prospects and customers on the possibilities of Asset and Vehicle tracking; working with your staff to build out an ROI and discover potentially valuable integration points with other systems you may run.

We are constantly striving for the best ways to add long-term value to our customers. During your buying experience, your Trakopolis IoT Corp Territory Manager will work hard to understand the following:

  • Your business today: What part our offering makes sense for your business, and what parts don’t. We want to ensure that every month you are receiving the most value and the best ROI for your business.
  • A dual Road Map of your Future Needs: We never stop investing in our technology and we want to ensure that Trakopolis is a great fit for your company long term. At this stage of the process we discuss our vision and technology roadmap, and ensure that it fits your companies anticipated future needs.
  • Different User Roles and Responsibilities: An ROI from Trakopolis can come in many different areas of the business. We want to ensure that we have all your bases covered and fully understand how each department/employee will be using Trakopolis on a daily basis. This will ensure that training is completed properly, and each user knows exactly where to find the right business intelligence to make their job easier.
  • Implementations: Your busy running your business. We want to ensure that installing your Trakopolis hardware is a benefit, and not a burden to your daily operations. We provide in-house Project Managers that will assist our Territory Managers in providing the most flexible implementations approach and schedule for your business. Our Project Managers are included at no extra cost.

Implementations & Support

Our project team will work directly with our customers to ensure the implementation and installation is executed with ongoing support from beginning to end. The quality service will not stop after installation of your devices. Our customers are promised continuous support on Trakopolis. Our support team is happy to help with any questions, concerns or requests our customers have.

During your implementation process, the Trakopolis IoT Corp team will work to achieve the following:

  • Ensuring step by step assistance is provided through set up of implementation and installs. We want to ensure that each install is done efficiently and correctly.
  • Our team will do quality checks to ensure all devices are reporting properly and accurately.
  • Ongoing support provided by our team, ensuring customer service around the clock.


Trakopolis IoT Corp has an In House Training Department specializing in the Trakopolis Platform. We offer unlimited complimentary training not only in Trakopolis but also on the features that are customized to each client. We will tailor training to each user and address each role they will perform. Initially, the training instructor provides an overview of Trakopolis. Once completed, the instructor will train on specific features and client needs to assist with the ongoing customer development.

Once a customer has been set up in our system and provided log in information, the following steps will be expected:

  • Account Manager will ensure the customer is introduced and handed off to a designated trainer and ensure the transition is completed.
  • Our training team will reach out to the customer and schedule a session immediately to ensure our customers have knowledge and access to the site as soon as possible.
  • Once our customers have had initial training, there will be ongoing training available for the customer to satisfy their needs. At Trakopolis IoT Corp we will make sure every customer has the knowledge base of Trakopolis so they receive the most out of the system.
  • Trainers will research and develop modified sessions for each customer to make sure our customers get the most from the site for their organization.


Trakopolis IoT Corp offers third party financing on your hardware allowing companies to experience the ROI Trakopolis can bring without experiencing the need for a capital expenditure.

Post Sale Support

Quarterly touch points are provided to all of our customers. Our team is trained to look for new hires who may need training, as well as discuss feature requests we can work into our customer driven development schedule. In addition to our head office touch points, our Local Territory Managers check in as often as needed and we also offer 24/7 Local Live Agent support

Enterprise Solution

Trakopolis IoT Corp offers an exclusive Enterprise Package to our customers. Please contact us today to see if you can qualify. The following items are included:

• Assigned Territory Manager, Project Manager, and Executive Contact

• Quarterly account review for cost savings and report optimization review

• Sophisticated API access to tie into your Enterprise System

• 25 hours of dedicated monthly development in addition to our agile development schedule

• Unlimited Training