See The Future of Your Business

Trakopolis software visualizes the location and performance of vehicles, equipment and people in real time, enhancing safety, reducing overheads and achieving operational excellence.

Connectivity 101

Telematics combines GPS technology, mobile communications and cloud-computing to offer new insights into business operations where assets are in motion, in locations that may be remote from head office.

The hardware and sensors — the gateway device — is installed in a vehicle or a stationary asset, such as a generator, to transmit data via cellular, wi-fi or satellite to a cloud computing hub. Using a GPS signal, the device can track speed, location and a host of other useful information. Trakopolis also connects the gateway device to other parts of the asset systems, such as temperature control, ignition or on-board computers to gather more specific intelligence.

All of this data is updated every couple of minutes. It is processed in the Trakopolis servers in seconds.

Trakopolis software crunches the data to give customers insights into complex operational challenges. A forestry client might be looking for accurate cycle times. A carrier might want to measure how long a vehicle is idling at a border crossing. An oil and gas company might want to monitor an isolated employee’s exposure to emissions. Trakopolis answers all these ‘big data’ questions.

The information gathered is then visualised, often using client-supplied geographical data, to give real-time analysis of mission-critical business metrics. Reports can be generated to show historical data to help bring attention to health and safety issues, reduce overheads through greater efficiency, and help to re-engineer customer experience.

The Internet of Things

IoT is about business transformation, creating opportunities that will revolutionize operations, especially where you need to keep track of people and assets that are constantly in motion. Almost any asset of value — and personnel, too — can be tracked using available technology. Linking people, machines and buildings is driving efficiency and innovation, raising customer expectations.

A fleet manager can look at a single dashboard to assess the maintenance schedule of rental machinery spread across an entire continent. An operations manager can re-calculate cycle times based on accurate analysis of logging trucks in remote forests. A finance department can comply with US and Canadian mandates on everything from fuel taxes to driver hours without having to wade through sheafs of paperwork. The opportunities to gather real-time intel on your business is almost endless, leading to transformational ideas rooted in reliable metrics.

The Internet of Things is here to stay. Trakopolis can help you to get started or it can take you to new levels of sophistication.

Building Capacity in the Cloud

Open and flexible cloud computing makes advanced telematics and IIoT solutions possible. Using Microsoft’s proven cloud technology makes our solutions secure as well as scalable. Azure assures Trakopolis and its customers that their data-centric business plans are futureproof, with a clear horizon to data integration and advanced analytics.

API Integration

The Trakopolis API provides secure data connectivity for real-time integration of external websites, mobile applications and hosted Trakopolis plug-ins.  Our open API offers an industry standard approach to data collaboration between separate platforms.

Power and Flexibility

Our customers typically use and maintain a variety of core operational software systems such as accounting, financial, ERP, maintenance, fleet management, and geospatial data. Our modern and well-documented API allows developers to access our software so that it can ‘talk’ to their legacy systems.


Customer-driven Development

The quality and scope of our API has been — and will continue to be — critical for customers, allowing them to integrate Internet of Things technology with their existing operations. The API allows for customized sensors, apps and reports across a host of platforms.

The ROI of Big Data

The ROI on data integration is realized in reduced operation costs on administration, avoiding the manual work required for analysis and handling of core business data.  Customers who deploy work scheduling, job dispatch and field ticketing systems that can benefit immediately from the ability of Trakopolis to gather, store and manipulate more data than ever before.